Sunday, May 24, 2009

Veni. Vidi. Vici........and ciao...

I like reading blogs. Reading what people thinks and what they went through in life. Never have the gut to start out my own.

Something must have gotten into me today then. Started by asking my friend on how to start one and here I am! Haha. I'm not expecting a lot of people reading my writings. But, lets start small, eh? 

As quickly as I come, I'm gonna be away for 3 weeks starting tomorrow! Internet-less! 

1 week of Biro Tatanegara and 2 weeks of inductions for us. Gonna miss hanging out online with my friends then. Argh...and facebook! I'm so addicted to it that I'm not sure how I'll survive without it. Ha! 

I'm what Julius Caesar did but in a much more tiny scale...Veni. Vidi. Vici. I'm proud of myself in a way. 

But till i come back from the 3 weeks course......ciao! =p


I’ll be starting my working life tomorrow. Tomorrow!

After 25 years, I’m finally starting to work. Well, not that I’ve never worked before. As part-time...yes, I did. But the last one was like....5 years ago?

1st job.  18 years old.

A replacement ballet teacher for lower grades. That was when I discovered that I like teaching. And that I like kids.

2nd job. 19 years old. While waiting for STPM results.

Coaching 1 to 1 on selected academic papers for my neighbour’s daughter and a 12 years old kid.

Nothing big as compared to my friends and most of the people’s job experience they have had when they were teenagers.

My friends’ impression on me are usually mommy’s and daddy’s little gal, (well, yea, I am lucky, I admit that.). With bunch of people looking over my back, and me - a vulnerable little lamb in the society. Hmm.....I wonder why I was tagged like this then...though I’ve always thought i was determine in my own way.

With the decision of taking up Medicine to further studies, transitions of life begin. Years of living away from home, I’m sure I’ve gain different insights to life and different prospective to my own future.  I’m not the LITTLE LAMB anymore. Like a friend of mine who recently said to me, no point in proving to the others, it will reveal itself, eh? Haha.

And, Finally, 25th May 2008....It’s a date that’s gonna mark the start of my working life, even though it’s gonna start off with a 3 weeks course for government servant –BTN and Induksi.  

Housemanship is gonna be tough, I know. I’m not going to pray that it will be easier for me. I’m just praying that I’ll be still as determine enough to pull myself together in any situation I’m bound to face, solving problems and learning in the process of becoming the person I want to be.  Loving my job, treating and respecting the people in need and around me.  Lolz, not trying to sound lame/overly morale/noble/mushy , but that what I keep reminding myself of.  No harm in dreaming to make the life slightly perfect, eh?

I’m not aiming for fame or wealth, even though a lot of people think it is a bullshit talk, but at least I know I don’t want to be like that. I’m just looking for satisfaction in my job.  From a satisfactory nod from the superiors, a pat on the shoulders from colleagues, a smile from the patients, to a rewarding cup of hot chocolate at the end of the day...

Lots and lots of things to be learnt! Of course not to forget, learning to have fun in the midst of heavy workload. Keke. I think I suck at that.  

And to keep the smile on my face! Although I know it’s gonna look ugly with a pair of panda eyes and zits here and there from stress...hahaha! Who cares!

                A smile heals almost everything! That’s  gonna be my motto! =1 Not a too naive motto I hope.

But as a medical personnel, be it medical officers, nurses, attendants and etcetera, it won’t be always a beautiful sight or a happily ever after ending that we would see at the end of the day. New life, struggles, deaths, conflicts, confusions, denials, outbursts...That’s life, isn’t it? Pray with me and my fellow new colleagues, that we would be strong to face all the challenges of life, the new path that we are about to explore. Uuusss!!

I’m breaking out of my cocoon into my another whole new chapter in my life... Wish me luck!